Frequently Asked Questions

Often when converting from another exiting POS software, we are able to extract item information and customer information for loading into ABS. Item Information includes SKU, Description, UPC, Costs, Retails and Quantity on Hand as well as other fields. If we can extract it, we can convert it. Customer information includes Customer Numbers, Names, Addresses and Ageing Balances. We do not convert sales history.

Retail Automation integrates with Global Payments and Elavon, two large processors in the industry. While we prefer you to use one of our integrated processors, you are welcome to utilize your existing stand-alone solution with no penalty or extra fees.

Before our Installation techs arrive on site, we have prepared the equipment and software, so our focus can be towards training and customizing the software for you.  Depending on your situation, we work around your counter, employees and existing system getting pieces in place for a smooth transition for “Go-Live”.  We sit with Management and Key Employees to discuss particulars to the system configuration and give hands-on training with the employees.  We are able to identify key priorities to address during install week and leave you with a solid roadmap for success using your system.

Online selling has changed the dynamic of the local hardware store, and Retail Automation has begun work with New Media Retailer to send and receive inventory to your online store front.

We prefer to be your first point of contact with anything technical involving your store.  Support is available 24x7x365 and ranges from Network Security, Printers, Credit Card Processing, Computer Updates to the occasional Software issue.  Support also includes ongoing training and utilization of the system as well as regular software updates.  Support fees are competitive for the industry and our service helps us stand apart!

We understand the costs of investing in technology and work by a few simple beliefs.  When we quote equipment, we want to provide a quality product at a fair price.  So no bargain rack computers or refurbished equipment.

We will discuss your existing equipment in detail, offer opinions on cost/benefit of upgrading and let you make the decision.  However, our rule is “If we sell it, we support it.  If you supply it, it’s your problem.”  This allows us to provide at our specs without having to deal with inferior or unfamiliar devices.