Accounts Receivable

Extending credit to your customers is necessary to compete in the retail business. Management of the credit you extend is critical to the ongoing success of your business.

The ABS Accounts Receivable program gives you the control that is needed to effectively manage the credit that you have extended to your customers.

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Customer Management

In ABS A/R, customers may be set up using one of three methods of Accounts Receivable. You can have customers of all three types in your computer.

  • Balance Forward - The most common credit in the retail industry.
  • Open Item - Payments made for a specific invoice
  • Revolving Charge - Customer can make purchases that are paid off over a period of time.

Customer Maintenance can be used for more than just Accounts Receivable. Use of this feature allows invoice retention, special pricing rules, authorized to charge lists and more.

  • Email invoices at the time of sale or later. Send statements with choices of invoice reprints or summaries quickly and easily.
  • Loyalty Program interface with Repeat Rewards.
  • Multi-store capable

Easy Installation

We convert your existing data, including customer accounts and balances

All Inclusive

No add on module costs or fees for extra features