Point Of Sale (POS)

Point of sale is the cumulation of the work done behind the scenes, making the transaction simple when interacting with a customer.

The straightforward approach to sales entry allows every transaction to be started on the same screen, whether it is a cash, check, credit card, house charge, special order or quote transaction.

female seller with bar code scanner scanning lamp at store

Customer accounts give control and ease to special pricing rules, automated emailing of invoices or transaction retention.

The Point of Sale module is a powerful business tool that allows you to automate functions that are usually done manually and haphazardly if at all in a non-computerized business.

It is a vital component of your Inventory Control system in that it tracks inventory movement out the door.

The power and flexibility can be used to implement automated processes that allow you to grow your business while maintaining complete control over their usage.

Easy Setup & Installation

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Made Just For Your Business

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